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This listing is for: 1 Rosette Sword (Echinodorus Parviflorus) Size ranges from: These are shorter more compact swords so the size usually ranges from 4-6 inches tall with lots of leaves they look great Check out my other listings for great prices and great customer service! Free shipping and buy 2 get 1 FREE on all items with *BUY 2 GET 1 FREE* in the title How does buy 2 get 1 FREE work? - Simply purchase 2 of the same kind of plants marked as buy 2 get 1 free and we will send you a 3rd portion free with your order. - This also applies to buy 4 get 2, buy 6 get 3, etc. You must purchase on the same transaction. See details below for plant info, size, shipping, policies, etc. IMPORTANT: - Photos are a sample representation, not the actual plants you will receive. Each plant is different and will vary in size/color slightly. - We do our very best to respond fast and ship happy, healthy plants. If you have any questions or concerns please message us we are always happy to help! - Understand, sometimes plants need time to recover and look their best after shipping in a dark box for 2-4 days Rosette Sword Care: easy Co2: no Growth rate: medium Placement: background Lighting requirements: moderate Color: green Max size: 8+ inch Propagation: runners/slice in half once big enough While the majority of plant species are legal, not all plant species are legal to keep in every state. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to understand what plants are legal to keep in their state. We recommend that before purchasing you should research and confirm that you can legally keep the particular plant species in consideration. State laws should always be followed when considering keeping live aquatic plants. These plants are sold for aquarium use only and never to be released into the wild. Shipping & Policies When will items ship? Most items ship out in 1-3 business days excluding holidays when shipping carriers are closed. If you would like to receive your item faster we recommend purchasing upgraded shipping (7.99). If there is severe weather, holidays, potential for delays, etc. we will sometimes print the label but not ship your package until after the issue has passed in order to ensure safe arrival. DOA (Dead On Arrival) Claims: It is our honor and privilege to serve you. We hope that you are satisfied with everything. If you are for some reason not satisfied, please let us know as we are here to help make this hobby easy and enjoyable! Livestock: 1. We guarantee live arrival only on all of our livestock. We do not guarantee your success in growing/raising them. Once the plants arrive to you alive, it is out of our control if you have success or not in growing these plants as many factors go into having a successful planted tank such as lighting, co2, fertilizer, etc. 2. If it is below 40 degrees F in your city you are required to purchase our heat pack/ Styrofoam box listing with your order. We are not liable for any cold damages for orders placed without a heat pack. If it is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit you must add an ice pack & Styrofoam box. We have a listing for both items and make it very affordable at only $4.99. We try to make these as cheap and accessible as possible to help make sure your livestock arrives happy and healthy. 3. In the rare event livestock shows up dead, we must be notified in 24 hours. Keep in mind these plants just took the journey of their lifetime in a dark box for 2-4 days so they will take time to recover and be at their best again. Please Take clear photos of the dead plant and send it to us within 24 hours of receiving the item and once the item is validated by us we will send a replacement or refund minus the cost of shipping. Failure to comply with one or more of these policies will mean we can no longer cover you. 4. If you are concerned about extreme heat or cold, we highly recommend having the post office hold your mail for the estimated delivery day. This is a completely free option which can be requested online via usps or in person at your local post office. This way, your package will remain indoors, protected, and out of the elements for you to pick up once the package has arrived. 5. We guarantee live arrival of all live stock. This means we assure that live stock will show up alive. We do not guarantee your success in keeping the livestock alive/healthy. Lots of outside factors that we cannot control go into the success or failure of keeping livestock healthy. We are here to help but are not liable after you have received the livestock alive. Do your plants have snails? We try not to have snails/pests but it happens, we remove any visible imperfections before shipment however to be 100% certain we suggest that you either do a 1:20 ratio bleach to water dip and/or wash the plants. Anytime you add something new to an aquarium it is important to rinse it off before adding just to be safe. Keep in mind snails are completely harmless and very beneficial to aquariums, they do not eat plants, snails are detritivores meaning they will only eat dead and decaying plant matter not living healthy plant leaves. Ratings and feedback: Our customers are very important to us. Please help us by leaving positive feedback and if you are not satisfied or feel that we could somehow improve, please privately message us and we would be happy to help. We realize without you, we would have nothing! We greatly appreciate your business and strive to serve you well. Questions/Concerns? Contact us, we are happy to help! Returns: - We do not accept returns on livestock as returning a perishable item is not feasible, we will however work with you to reach a solution. - Please contact us before attempting to return an item - Items MUST be new in good condition to be eligible for a return. 

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