Cheese Slicer Stainless Steel 9.3 In Heavy Duty Plane Cheese Knife Cheese Cutter

HIGH QUALITY - The cheese knife features a professional grade 18/8 stainless steel angled blade and the robust handle that makes slicing cheese a little more simple. This cheese slicer is designed to keep the unwanted strain off your wrist, without making any messes in the kitchen. VERSATILITY - Slice your favorite cheeses into cheese slices and serve them beautifully for yourself and your guests. It's the perfect size for shaving chocolate and even slicing frozen butters to display on your butter dishes for family meals! EASY TO USE - This cheese slicer will make a great addition to your kitchen, and works well to serve cheese as appetizers to a great party! This 9.3" slicer is non-stick and dishwasher safe as well. The cutting blade is sharp, so please be careful while in use. CONVENIENT STORAGE - The cheese slicer has an attached loop which makes storing your cheese slicer easy, and more sanitary. RISK-FREE PURCHASE - We give you the 30 days 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product or purchase, please feel free to contact us. Never ruin your cheese slices again with this cheese plane slicer! Made out of professional 18/8 stainless steel, it is the perfect accessory for your kitchen and cheeseboards. You can also use this plane slicer to shave your delicate chocolates or soft butter. The 2.5-inch wide mouth, with the sharp angled blade, ensures thin, and even slices. The rounded handle is sturdy, balanced, and comfortable so the shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hands for precise slicing, and effortless work. Adjust the angle at which you are holding the slicer to change the thickness of the slices that you prefer. It also has a hanging loop attached to the end of the handle for easy access and storage. When you slice fresh cheese, the cheese comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, which helps the cheese to reach its maximum capacity in flavor, Bon Appetite! UPDATE PER Questions & Concerns: The cheese slicer sticks if the cheese is soft, I thought I could cut soft cheese with this cheese slicer. -You can cut soft cheeses with this cheese slicer, but it has to be moderately soft cheese (semi soft). Very softy cheese will in fact stick to the cheese slicer, so you have to make sure the cheese has a good bit of firmness to it before you begin cutting. The cheese slicer is small and cannot cut into my brick of cheese. -If you are unsure if the cheese slicer is big enough for your cheese, take a look at your measurements for your brick of cheese, the measurements should be on the wrapper, or just ask your local grocer if they have the measurements on hand. Then compare it to the size of the cheese slicer that we have on our listing. We do have the measurements of our cheese slicer in our photos, if you are ever unsure where to find them. If this cheese slicer is "heavy duty", then why does it bend? -Depending on the cheese you are using, and the amount of force being used to slice the cheese, then the cheese slicer will bend. The cheese slicer is also adjustable to accommodate the different shapes and sizes of the cheese. You can also bend the cheese slicer back into place and it will not break. We hope this information was helpful. cheese slicer cheese cutter cheese slices for hard cheese cheese plane adjustable cheese slicer STAINLESS STEEL PLANE SLICER: Made from professional stainless steel, 9.3 inches long. 3.2 inch wide, 2.2 inch mouth blade ensures precision when slicing your cheeses. The rounded handle fits perfectly in your hands while making it feel like you're putting no effort into slicing at all. This plane slicer is good for cutting thin, precise, and even slices. Recommended use with young semi-hard to hard cheeses like: Young Gouda, Manchego, or Comté. Blade is sharp: Parental Supervision may be required, or keep out of reach of children. cheese slicer cheese cutter cheese slices for hard cheese cheese plane adjustable cheese slicer CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: Attached hole for easy storage Non-Stick Dishwasher Safe Easy to clean Corrosion resistant with a polished finish, to use for many years to come Slice cheeses for your burgers, crackers and sandwiches. Shave your favorite chocolates, and soft butters as well. Much safer than using a regular cutting knife. You can even use this stainless steel slicer to serve small pie's or pizza's! cheese slicer cheese cutter cheese slices for hard cheese cheese plane adjustable cheese slicer SEMI SOFT VS SEMI HARD This cheese slicer can cut semi soft and semi hard cheese only, here are a list of some cheeses that fall into those categories. Semi Soft: Havarti, Munster, Port Salut, Danish Blue Cheese, Pico, Bucherondin, Maytag Blue, Mahon DO, Shropshire Blue Cheese, Saint Nectaire Laitier, Pecorino Al Tartufo, Gorgonzola Dolce, San Simon DO, English Waxed Rind Stilton, Crittin Maitre Seguin, Petit Livarot AOC Graindorge. Semi Hard: Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Edam, Gouda, Manchego Cheese, Purple Moon, Pecorino Toscano Fresco, Fourme D'Ambert, Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda Cheese, Gruyere Cheese, Provolone Piccante Cheese, Madrigal Cheese, Fontal, Beaufort, Super sharp Vintage Cheddar Cheese, Chaumes. Note: These are not the only kinds of cheeses that fall into these categories. If you are unsure which cheeses to use for this cheese slicer, feel free to search the web for semi hard, and semi soft cheeses.

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