4Way 12V/24V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Panel Board

in-line fuses. Storing up to 6 ATC/ATO/ATF blade fuses up to 30A max per circuit, this blade fuse box is perfect for automotive, marine, outdoor and home applications.  - Negative Ground Connections & Dual Positive Power Connections Our fuse block has negative ground connections (1x ground input and 6x ground outputs) for superior functionality. Additionally, dual positive power connections achieve a high maximum operating amperage of 100A.  - Stainless steel screws for corrosion protection, recessed mounting holes to prevent shorts, comes with labeling stickers, and a 1” fuse placement clearance for compatibility with E-T-A Thermal Circuit Breakers. Features:  - LED indicator displays circuit issues  - 4-circuit ATC/ATO/ATF blade fuse block; max 30A per circuit  - Negative ground connections (1x ground input; 6x ground outputs; dual positive power connections achieve high operating amperage of 100A max. per fuse block  - Marine-grade stainless steel input & output screws bolts and full size cover provide corrosion protection  - 1" fuse placement clearance compatible with E-T-A Thermal Circuit Breakers  - Thumbscrew affixed to cover; labeling sticker included  - Univeral blade port for mini, maxi , ATC/ATO/ATR/ATS fuse, comes with ATC/ATO Fuses ATC/ ATO Fuses protect your power distribution system - you need them to prevent damage to your equipment from current overload. The job of an ATC / ATO fuse is to protect any of your equipment's vital wiring. Vehicle wiring can be pretty deeply entrenched and integrated into an electrical system making it extremely difficult to locate and replace. When a current large enough to fry a wire or damage a vital component is drawn through some electrical system in a vehicle, the vehicle's ATC fuses will burn out first and prevent that current from doing any major damage.  - Crowbar Electrical Parts carries a wide variety of ATC / ATO fuses and fuse holders that are used primarily in automotive, marine and other mobile equipment applications, our ATC fuse comes in many different amperages.  - Replacement automotive style ATO Fuse fits all styles of OEM and aftermarket automotive fuse blocks, fuse panels, and fuse holders.  - The plastic housing is color coded for easy amperage identification  - Manufactured to exacting standards and meet or exceed all SAE specifications and requirements  - Can be used in many foreign and domestic vehicles including cars, trucks, rv's, and boats  - All of our ATC fuses meet or exceed OEM standards  - Our Fuses are available in the following amperage ratings: 5 amp, 10 amp, 15 amp, and 20 amp Included in this package 1X 4 Way Fuse Holder 2X Screws 2X 5 Amp Fuses 2X 10 Amp Fuses 2X 15 Amp Fuses 2X 20 Amp Fuses 1X Fuse Cover

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